Call of Duty Modern Warfare will feature a “Battlefield Mode”

The most recent game in the Call of Duty series is just around the corner and we are looking forward to October 25 to enjoy this long-awaited title. With the most recent leaks we have been able to discover a pleasant surprise from Activision. And is that Modern Warfare will have a new multiplayer game mode of 64 players that will cheer more than one nostalgic fan.

Ground War is the name of this new game mode and because of the characteristics presented we could see a clear inspiration from another of the best FPS games that have existed: Battlefield. We must remember that Battlefield was characterized by having incredibly large maps, a very dynamic environment that allowed us to interact with almost everything around us, and a game mechanic focused more on strategy than on action (perhaps its distinctive point compared to others shooting games), now we can enjoy all these features in the new game mode of Modern Warfare.

According to the experiences of those who could test the Modern Warfare beta, and specifically the Ground War mode, we were able to know that it is very fun, intuitive and allows you to interact with a host of land and air vehicles. Although the map is much larger than what we are used to seeing in the CoD saga, it is still smaller than those seen earlier in Battlefield. Another of the additions has been the improved respawn sites, now we can reappear at our base, along with friendly units on foot, or in their vehicles. Something that certainly adds a more tactical style of play than previous CoD games, this time we will need to think clearly and develop effective strategies if we want to win the victory.

Undoubtedly Ground War is a step forward by Activision to generate better competition with the mythical Battlefield saga, in any case it is a triumph for us gamers that now we can enjoy these interesting and fun features.

What do you think about this new game mode? Do you think Activision wants to foster its competition with EA through this game mode? If you have any opinion about this interesting news, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comment box. We look forward to reading you!

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