“No Russian”: when Call of Duty went too far

Since the video games were invented there has also been the idea that they are capable of unleashing violent behavior in young people, forcing them to commit crazy, reckless actions and even terrorist acts. However, for gamers it has always been a daily job to have to defend against these accusations, but everything becomes difficult when we encounter such raw and violent moments as the one that Call of Duty MW2 brought us.

“Remember, no russian” with this simple phrase begins one of the most controversial levels not only in the CoD saga but the entire history of video games in general. The level in question puts us in the shoes of a CIA agent who is working undercover infiltrating the terrorist cell of Vladimir Makarov, the main antagonist of the game and who is responsible for giving us many headaches along the way. In this scenario, we must participate in a mass shooting against a group of civilians at an airport in the city of Moscow, to gain the confidence of the terrorist leader and be able to know his true plans.

At the beginning of the stage, we will leave an elevator and that is when Makarov tells us the infamous phrase that gives the name to this level of the game. Once inside the airport, a real massacre will begin against the hundreds of civilians in the airport. Makarov’s men open fire with high-caliber weapons, ending instantly with a group of people who were lining up. It is necessary to emphasize the extreme level of realism and crudeness that the people of Infinity Ward added to the stage, being able to hear the cries of the wounded while they ask for help, or to see them crawling on the ground trying to protect themselves from the terrible shooting.

Although at no time of the level the player is obliged to shoot civilians, and Makarov’s men will not ask the player why he does not shoot, it is even possible to shoot Makarov’s men but they will return fire. After leaving the terminal, the player and the terrorists must face the Russian soldiers who have come to stop the attack, everything is going as planned until at the end of the stage when the player is killed by Makarov implying that he already knew his identity, and that everything had been a trap of an infiltrator in the US government. The plan was that Russian soldiers will find the body of the CIA agent and believing that the attack had been ordered by the United States triggering World War III. Simply depressing.

This level has been cataloged so raw and traumatic that there is even the possibility of skipping it, without this meaning the loss of any trophy or affecting the progress in the game. As expected “No Russian” generated a very strong controversy, the Russian government said that the events of the game would cause similar terrorist acts, while Activision dismissed these accusations alleging that this was only part of the narrative and that it was in no way related With real violence. However, the pressure was so great that the level was eliminated from all copies of the game that were distributed in Russia, in addition to receiving enormous international censorship due to the degree of violence deployed at this level.

Undoubtedly “No Russian” marked a before and after in the history of shooting games, and all the controversy that arises around the issue. As a curious fact, the phrase “No Russian” has been the subject of debate by the gamer community, while some think that Makarov was referring to the order not to leave any of the civilians alive at the airport, others think that It was a tactic so that no possible survivor could recognize the attackers as Russian citizens, and that is why terrorists communicate speaking in English throughout the level.

What do you think about this controversial scenario? Did you ever get to play this level in MW2 or did you prefer to skip it? If you have any opinion about this interesting news, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comment box. We look forward to Reading you!

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