Call of Duty Mobile: Best places to land and where to get the helicopter

In all Battle Royale, it is important to have a usual area where we fall, since we know that there will always be good equipment and weapons (loot), in addition to having a safe area to start the game, and in Call of Duty: Mobile, you have that keep it in mind.

So that you know what are the best places to land in the new Activision mobile game, we have prepared this guide about the best areas to land and where to find helicopters in the Battle Royale of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Best areas to land in the Battle Royale

The areas marked on the map in orange are the areas where we will find a large loot, and it is recommended that we fall where there is a helicopter since it will allow us to easily travel through the map, and get away from the shootings in the first moments of the game.


One of the best areas to land is that of the docks, which has 2 helicopters and a high-level loot. Although it is also a somewhat crowded area for players, so even if there are good weapons and equipment, it is better that we opt for other areas.

Practice area

This is an area where many fewer players fall and we also have 2 helicopters that we can catch. You can also improve your skills in a terminal and there is good equipment in the houses. Vehicles can be found at the north and south ends.

Launch base

This is the best area where we can land in Call of Duty: Mobile, if what we want is good loot, but we will have to fight for it, since it is also a fairly common area with many players. It has a large booty, and a helicopter, ideal for quick departures that can leave us or very well and get very fast equipment, or very bad and die almost instantly. Other good areas where helicopters appear are Nuketown, the Farm, the Nuclear Plant or Killhouse.

This has been our guide with the best places to land and where to find helicopters in the Battle Royale of Call of Duty Mobile. Remember that if you want to stay informed with the most current news related to video games, anime and others you just have to follow us on our social networks. Share your opinion with us in the comments section!

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