Call of Duty Mobile: The best weapons in the game

In the new Call of Duty: Mobile we have a large arsenal at our disposal, divided into up to 7 different categories with assault rifles, snipers, submachine guns, shotguns and many more.

So you can know which are the best without having to test each one, we have prepared this guide on the best weapons, statistics of each and alternatives in each type in Call of Duty Mobile.

The best assault rifle in the game is the M16, a fairly balanced weapon, with great statistics of range, accuracy and damage, although with a low rate of fire. If you don’t like it, you can also select the AK47.
These are the statistics of the M16:
• Damage: 64
• Rate of fire: 45
• Accuracy: 60
• Reach: 60
• Mobility: 60
• Unlocks in rank 23

The best sniper rifle is the DL Q33, which is also the first one we unlock. It has great damage and good mobility, although it also has a fairly slow rate of fire. Another option is to use the M21 EBR. These are the statistics of DL Q33:
• Damage: 85
• Rate of fire: 15
• Accuracy: 60
• Range: 45
• Mobility: 95
• Unlocks in rank 1

The best submachine gun of the game is the Chicom. As usual in submachine guns, it has very little range, but if you like this type of weapon, surely you have a style where short distances predominate. Another option is the PDW-57.
These are the Chicom statistics:
• Damage: 75
• Rate of fire: 65
• Accuracy: 60
• Reach: 40
• Mobility: 80
Unlocks in rank 72

The best light machine gun in the game is the UL736, which has many customization options, which makes it a lethal weapon over long distances, despite its low mobility. Another alternative is M4LMG.
These are the statistics of the UL736:
• Damage: 70
• Rate of fire: 60
• Accuracy: 45
• Reach: 55
• Mobility: 40
• Unlocks in rank 108

The best shotgun is the Striker since it is the fastest in the game. You have the option of making two shots before reloading, so it is perfect if we fail our first shot. Another option is the HS0405, which does a lot of damage.
These are the Striker statistics:
• Damage: 85
• Rate of fire: 15
• Accuracy: 85
• Reach: 30
• Mobility: 75
• Unlocks in rank 51

The secondary weapons are a more personal option since it will depend on how you like to play or your style, but the most common is to select a gun and the best is the J358, since it is the most complete. Another option is the MW11.
These are the statistics of the J358:
• Damage: 80
• Rate of fire: 15
• Accuracy: 70
• Reach: 35
• Mobility: 90
• Unlocks in rank 62

This has been all our guide about the best weapons of Call Of Duty: Mobile, remember that if you want more guides like this, do not hesitate to review our other articles about the game. Let us know what your opinion is in the comment box.

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