Call of Duty Mobile: What are the perks and which are the best?

The perks are those features of Call of Duty Mobile that allow us to customize our combat system and also achieve certain improvements for different aspects of the game. They are divided into three types by colors (red, green and blue) and we can equip one of each in our character.

In this guide, we are going to tell you which is the best of each and what all the advantages of the game are for.

Advantage 1: Fast recovery

This is an advantage that allows us to recover the life we have lost in a shooting 35% faster. It is ideal to stand and recover more quickly before we have a clash with enemies again.

Other advantages of this class:

• Persistence: points cost double, but don’t get lost even if we die
• Agile, jump objects faster and 85% reduced time when aiming after sprinting
• Lightweight: increases the speed when sprinting by 10% and we have less damage due to demolition
• Bomb suit: 35% less damage in explosions
• Stalker: we move 12% faster when walking and crouching

Advantage 2: Hardness

This is an advantage that reduces the shudder by 60% when we get shot, and therefore we can stand firm to try to kill before we are killed. A classic of the saga.

Other advantages of this class:

• Vulture: you collect ammunition of bullets equal to the capacity of the weapon we have
• Tracker: footsteps of enemies are visible for 4 seconds
• Ghost: you don’t appear in the enemy UAV
• Merciless: you are not the target of AI-controlled enemy point streaks.
• Innate ability: immune to response UAVs and PEM grenades. Nor does it activate mine traps.

Advantage 3: Hard Line

It gives us 25% more points for each enemy’s death, which makes it easy for us to access the streaks we have chosen. Ideal to be able to throw streaks in a short space of time.

Other advantages of this class:

• Demolition expert: explosives damage increased by 25%
• Deadly silence: silent movement
• Tactical mask: 40% less duration of the effects of the tactical equipment
• Alert: footsteps of the enemy are heard better
• Engineer: can hack aid packages and detect enemy streaks

This has been all our guide about the best Perks of Call of Duty Mobile, remember that if you want to know more information related to this incredible game you can check our other articles related to Call of Duty Mobile. Let us know what you think in our comments section.

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