Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can not be downloaded from the Playstation Store in Russia

Bad news for Russian CoD fans. Today it has been known through the news that the most recent installment of the saga, Modern Warfare, can not be downloaded digitally from the Playstation Store. The news was published by the official Twitter account of the game for the Russian public, and later it was Activision who was responsible for confirming this, through a press release for the company said it was not their fault, and that everything is due to an internal decision that was taken directly by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a fictional game that has been carefully created to entertain fans and tell an interesting story. Sony Interactive Entertainment decided not to sell Modern Warfare on the PlayStation Store in Russia this time. We are excited to launch Modern Warfare digitally in Russia on October 25 on PC through and console via Xbox” was the explanation given by Activision.
It should be noted that until now Sony Interactive Entertainment has not given any response to these communications. We do not know how this digital veto can affect sales, and if it will in any way have an impact on the physical sales of the video game, or if on the contrary physical copies may be sold without any problem.

It is possible that this ban came directly from the Russian authorities due to the negative image that the game offers about this country. According to the leaks of the campaign mode, and the gameplays, within the game’s narrative, the Russian soldiers are presented as formidable and violent enemies, in addition to exposing terrible actions taken by the Russian government, something that would undoubtedly have triggered the alarms in Moscow. Either way, we hope that these problems can be solved and that Russian fans can enjoy this amazing game.

What do you think about this ban? Do you think Sony or the Russian government is exaggerating what is only a campaign mode argument? If you have any opinion about this interesting news, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comment box. We look forward to reading you!

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