First view of the new Fortnite skins for the Halloween event

Popular Fortnite leakers such as PXLPAT_YT, xkleinmikex, and HYPEX, explored the game files and discovered some undisclosed skins. Among them are some very interesting, such as Big Mouth, an outfit that turns your character into a creature without eyes and a huge mouth. There are also some more traditional ones like Skull Trooper and Raptor, which return with new styles to take advantage of this feature of Chapter 2 of Battle Royale.

Now, that Fortnite is going to have Halloween content is not entirely a surprise. After all, in previous years we have already seen that Epic Games like to celebrate this date in their Battle Royale. Also, the company has already begun to reveal some skins for this year’s party, so it is more than confirmed that once again we will have events of this type.

Here are some images that we have been able to collect about these new skins:

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