fortnite season 10 challenges

Time to earn your keep in Season X

fortnite season 10 challenges

It’s the launch of a brand-new season in Fortnite, which means there’s a fresh Battle Pass packed with rewards ready to be cracked open. Season 10–or Season X, as developer Epic Games is calling it, is an interesting one because it’s delving into the history of Fortnite using time travel shenanigans. What this means for you as a player is modified versions of skins and items from Fortnite days gone could be floating around somewhere out there, just waiting for you to grab them. In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Battle Pass and how you can get your hands on all the goodies it holds.

What Is The Fortnite Battle Pass?

If you’re new to the game, you may be wondering what a Battle Pass is. Well, it’s probably the most important thing in Fortnite, and something you’ll want to spend cash to get if you plan to play the game long-term. The Battle Pass effectively is the container that holds all the cool customization items players use to make their characters look cool. We’re talking skins, emotes, wraps, gliders, and back bling, among other things. To actually get all this, however, you’ll need to play lots of Fortnite and spend time taking out enemies and securing Victory Royales. When you do this, you’ll earn Battle Stars, which level up the Battle Pass and, as you gain Battle Pass levels you’ll unlock the items attached to the various milestones.

How Do Battle Pass Challenges Work?

There was a way to expedite the process: Weekly Challenges. As the name suggests, these were a set of missions that refreshed every week. Completing them was by far the best way to get your hands on a lot of Battle Stars in one go. However, in a change from how things have been before, Fortnite no longer seems to have any free Weekly Challenges–they all require you to pay for the Battle Pass. This is bad news for people who don’t want to get their wallets out, since the more challenges you have access to, the more Battle Stars you’ll earn, which will in turn level up your Battle Pass quicker and get you the unlocks sooner. In further bad news, Daily Challenges are gone altogether–regardless of whether you pay for the premium tier.

Now, instead of Daily and Weekly challenges, Epic has created Missions, which are a grouping of themed challenges that, from what we can tell, will feel largely familiar in terms of gameplay, if not formatting. We’ve delved deeper into the changes to challenges in our Fortnite Season 10 Challenge breakdown, but the key thing is that most challenges are now locked for free players.


How Much Does A Battle Pass Cost?

A Battle Pass will set you back 950 V-Bucks from Fortnite’s in-game store. V-Bucks are a currency that’s specific to Fortnite, but to get it you’ll have to spend real money. It’ll cost you around $10 / £8 to get 1,000 V-Bucks, which will get you the Battle Pass and leave you with some digital pocket change to spend elsewhere on the Fortnite store. Alternatively, you could purchase the Battle Bundle, which is on sale at a 40% discount. It costs 2,800 V-Bucks and will automatically unlock 25 tiers of the Battle Pass, giving you a bit of a jumpstart.

If you’re feeling kind, you have the ability gift a Battle Pass to someone. This feature will be available until August 15, and your first purchase also includes a unique Gift Box that you can use when gifting items from the in-game shop. However, among the issues impacting Fortnite after the release of this new update is one that forced Epic to disable Battle Pass gifting on PC. It’s unclear when the feature will return.


What Are The Battle Pass Rewards?

If you spend the V-Bucks to pick up a Battle Pass, you’ll instantly unlock a couple of skins. One of these is the Kitsune outfit, while the other is the X-Lord. Beyond that rewards include additional skins, wraps, which change the visual style of whatever items they’re applied to; pets, emotes, back bling, sprays, new loading screen artwork, music, and more. What everyone aspires to acquire, however, is the progressive outfit at tier 100. These are skins that animate in a cool way and, in Season 10, it’s the Ultima Knight Outfit.

What’s New In Season 10?

Making your way through the entire Battle Pass usually takes between 75 and 150 hours of play, according to Epic Games. In that time you’ll unlock over 100 rewards which are worth 25,000 V-Bucks. As you can imagine, making the most of a Battle Pass takes a lot of time and effort, but Epic likes to keep things fresh and ensure players don’t get too comfortable with what’s going on. Take Season 10’s theme, for example, it’s a kind of best-of-Fortnite conceit that will allow players to indulge in their nostalgia.

“Time is twisted and the Zero Point has become volatile in Season X,” Epic explains. “Whether you’re nostalgic for the past or excited for the future, there will be plenty for you to discover all Season long. Locations once thought to be lost have begun to appear on the island, but they aren’t the same as they once were. Board the Battle Bus and drop in, but keep an eye to the skies to spot the new Season X mech vehicle, the B.R.U.T.E. Crashing on the island as the Battle Bus takes off, these merciless mechs seat two players and works best with a partner, so grab a squadmate, hop in, load up, and roll out.”


Battle Pass Tiers

The Season X Battle Pass has just been released and there are over 100 rewards to claim over the 100 tiers. The cosmetic rewards include skins, back blings, glider, wraps, emotes and more. Here is a list of everything you can earn in the Season X Battle Pass.

  • Tier 1 – two unlockable style legendary skins and combo XP boost
  • Catalyst Skin (Legendary) – Alter the paradigm – unlockable styles
  • X- Lord (Epic) – Ransack every dimension – unlockable styles
  • Tier 2 – 10% personal XP boost & 30% XP boost for Season 10
  • Tier 3 – Red Knight Emoticon (Uncommon)
  • Tier 4 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 5 – Emote Camo Wrap (Uncommon)
  • Tier 6 – Egg Banner (Uncommon)
  • Tier 7 – Junk Bucket Glider (Epic) – It’s sharp. It lands. What else do you want?
  • Tier 8 – Frostwing Spray (Uncommon)
  • Tier 9 – 10% Friend XP Boost
  • Tier 10 – Suit Up Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Hydro74.
  • Tier 11 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 12 – The Final Showdown Music (Rare) – Press play and face your rival.
  • Tier 13 – Banner (Uncommon)
  • Tier 14 – Moisty Mire Spray (Uncommon)
  • Tier 15 – Cosmic Cleavers Pickaxes (Rare) – Strike for the stars.
  • Tier 16 – Downtown Drift Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Aaron Kraten.
  • Tier 17 – 10% Personal XP Boost
  • Tier 18 – Crackshot Emoticon (Uncommon)
  • Tier 19 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 20 – Fire V Ice Spray (Uncommon)
  • Tier 21 – Rift Lightning Contrail (Rare) – Multidimensional dive.
  • Tier 22 – Bottomless Pit Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Jim Mahfood.
  • Tier 23 – Tilted Teknique Skin (Epic) – Tag, you’re it – unlockable styles
  • Tier 24 – 10% Friend XP Boost
  • Tier 25 – Popcorn Emoticon (Uncommon)
  • Tier 26 – Cube Banner (Uncommon)
  • Tier 27 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 28 – Kitsune Pet (Epic) – Two tails, one good friend – unlockable styles
  • Tier 29 – Cuddle Up Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Ian Jepson.
  • Tier 30 – Life Preserver Emoticon (Uncommon)
  • Tier 31 – Jaywalking Emote (Rare) – Don’t just walk the line. (Traversal)
  • Tier 32 – 10% Personal XP Boost
  • Tier 33 – Astronaut Banner (Uncommon)
  • Tier 34 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 35 – EQ Wrap (Rare)
  • Tier 36 – Undurrr the Stars Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Timothy P Doyle and Sydney Roper.
  • Tier 37 – Bottle Flip Toy (Rare) – Give it a flip!
  • Tier 38 – Sparkle Specialist Spray (Uncommon)
  • Tier 39 – Master Mix Glider (Epic) – Mix it up.
  • Tier 40 – 10% Friend XP Boost
  • Tier 41 – Sliced Up Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Jim Mahfood.
  • Tier 42 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 43 – Beat Drop Contrail (Rare) – Here it comes…
  • Tier 44 – Cool Pepper Emoticon (Uncommon)
  • Tier 45 – Kitsune (Snowstorm) Pet (Epic) – an extra style option
  • Tier 46 – Vengeance Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Kiptoe.
  • Tier 47 – Yond3r (Epic) – Party like there’s no tomorrow – unlockable styles
  • Tier 48 – 10% Personal XP Boost
  • Tier 49 – Risky Reels Spray (Uncommon)
  • Tier 50 – Llama Banner
  • Tier 51 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 52 – Bombers Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Aaron Kraten
  • Tier 53 – Fancy Flip Toy (Epic) – Sparkling or still standing?
  • Tier 54 – Yond3r (Unmasked) (Epic) – Extra style
  • Tier 55 – Sparkle Scythe Pickaxe (Rare) – Dazzle and destroy.
  • Tier 56 – 10% Friend XP Boost
  • Tier 57 – Nevermore Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Hydro74
  • Tier 58 – Cross Swords Emoticon (Uncommon)
  • Tier 59 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 60 – Kevin Wrap (Epic)
  • Tier 61 – Banner (Uncommon)
  • Tier 62 – Tilted Map Spray (Uncommon)
  • Tier 63 – Stride Emote (Rare) – Find a groove, and hit your stride. (Traversal)
  • Tier 64 – 10% Personal XP Boost
  • Tier 65 – Kitsune (Black) Pet (Epic) – an extra style.
  • Tier 66 – Crack
  • shot Mural Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by MUTI
  • Tier 67 – Overlay Contrail (Rare) – Heads up diving.
  • Tier 68 – Cowboy Hats Banner (Uncommon)
  • Tier 69 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 70 – Sparkle Supreme Skin (Epic) – The supreme queen of sparkle- unlockable styles.
  • Tier 71 – Star Shot Back Bling (Epic) – Radiating confidence.
  • Tier 72 – Dusty Devistation Spray (Uncommon)
  • Tier 73 – 10% Friend XP Boost
  • Tier 74 – Firewalker Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Kiptoe.
  • Tier 75 – Sparkle Supreme (Bob Cut) (Epic) – an extra style.
  • Tier 76 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 77 – Pixel Pilot Glider (Rare) – From the past, and into the beyond.
  • Tier 78 – Banner
  • Tier 79 – Breakneck Emote (Epic) – Break it down, just don’t break your neck.
  • Tier 80 – Hands Off Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Ian Jepson.
  • Tier 81 – 10% Personal XP Boost
  • Tier 82 – Celestial Glider (Rare) – Dive into infinity.
  • Tier 83 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 84 – Scavenger Wrap (Rare)
  • Tier 85 – Shotguns Banner (Uncommon)
  • Tier 86 – Eruption Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by MUTI.
  • Tier 87 – Eternal Voyager Skin (Epic) – From beyond the shadows of the galaxy’s edge – unlockable styles
  • Tier 88 – 10% Friend XP Boost
  • Tier 89 – Sweaty Emoticon (Uncommon)
  • Tier 90 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 91 – Sweet Dreams Music (Rare) – Press play and live your dreams.
  • Tier 92 – Black Knight Spray (Uncommon)
  • Tier 93 – Eternal Voyager (Explorer) Skin (Epic) – an extra style.
  • Tier 94 – Waveriding Loading Screen (Uncommon) – Created by Jim Mahfood.
  • Tier 95 – Steelwing Glider (Legendary) – Utterly untamable.
  • Tier 96 – 10% Personal XP Boost
  • Tier 97 – Maximum Drift Wrap (Rare)
  • Tier 98 – 100 V-Bucks
  • Tier 99 – Yond3r (Crown) Skin (Epic) – an extra style
  • Tier 100 – Ultima Knight Skin (Legendary) – Get the last word – unlockable styles
  • Tier 100 – Dragoncrest Back Bling (Legendary) – Froged in dragon fire.