The five: Politicians vs. Nazi Zombies?

This time it is the politicians who must save the day

If there is something that the CoD saga has accustomed us to is a lot of action, confrontations with despicable enemies, a very entertaining multiplayer mode and ZOMBIES… Many zombies! On this occasion we will remember one of the best post-campaign scenarios we have had the pleasure of playing.

Call of Duty: Black Ops can be considered as one of the greatest games in the saga. Not only for being the direct successor of the mythical “World at War” but for giving us many hours of fun with a campaign mode worthy of praise. Another highlight is without a doubt its wonderful “Zombies” mode, which has already become a common feature in the post game of CoD.

Once the story mode is over, the famous zombie mode is unlocked, where we must face waves of undead with the sole objective of surviving as long as possible. Something we saw for the first time in the CoD World at War and of which we were extremely impressed. However Treyarch (the company responsible for the development of this game) would have even more surprises up its sleeve, “Five” is a scenario where we can control four of the most influential politicians related to the cold war.

John F. Kennedy, former president of the United States, murdered in 1963. Fidel Castro, communist leader and who presided over Cuba for almost 50 years. Robert McNamara, infamous secretary of the American defense, and finally the always controversial Richard Nixon, who was president of the United States from 1969 to 1974. A group that is extremely diverse and we would never have thought of meeting together (at least not in real life) should dig into one of the rooms of the Pentagon, while trying to cope with the wave of undead that threatens to destroy everything.

It should be mentioned that this scenario caused much controversy at the time of its launch, members of the Cuban government took legal action against Treyarch due to the use of the image of Fidel Castro, who is revered as an absolute leader in the Caribbean country. However, that didn’t stop us from enjoying one of the best zombie mode’s scenarios in the entire CoD saga.

It is worth noting the many references and easter eggs that can be found throughout this scenario. Such as the portrait of Richtofen in the bunker, or that we can listen to Eminem’s song “Won’t back down” when he answers the phone. Undoubtedly, these small details and references are those that have won the hearts of the players, and so they have come to consider CoD as the saga par excellence in the shooting genre.

Do you want to enjoy this amazing scenario again? Do you think CoD’s zombie mode has more to offer? Who is your favorite character of these four politicians? Remember to share your opinion with us in the comment box, we are eager to interact with you!

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